Emanuella Kemp

Emanuella Kemp

When I first visited a facilitators page I was desperately needing to change so many things in my life. I had been seeking healing modalities of all kinds for 25 years and had tried every doctor and healer that I could find. I was having massive headaches several times every week and was so anemic I could barely get up a flight of stairs. My body hurt all over and no one had any answers other than anti-depressants, which I knew weren’t going to change anything. I was out of hope and had taken being happy out of the equation of my life.

I was pretty much done being here and living in pain and I threw an ultimatum out into the Universe.  "Show me something that works or I am gone"  and a few months later a friend introduced me to Access! After the first bars session I received I knew this was something different. The next session created even more ease in my mind and the body.  Finally, I had some relief but more importantly I had hope! From there I took every class I could and read a new book every month! I wanted to know everything I could because I felt better and all the intensity was leaving my body.

  And I just wanted to share it!

I’ll never forget the first time I read that there was nothing wrong about me. Like so many other  magical beings I was told every day that everything about me was wrong. I'm sure if anyone was watching closely that day my head turned around on its axis! I remember laughing out loud it was so light and I knew it was true.

There is nothing else like the Access Consciousness tools. They are wild, weird and they really work. I am more empowered, happy and pain free than I ever had thought I could be. And yet I always knew that this was possible. There is nothing that brings me more joy than facilitating others to achieve what they know is true for them.

I am amazed daily at the changes my clients make and the awareness that they are willing to have after they have had a session. The brave, bold beings that use Access Consciousness tools are changing their lives and the world.

                                                              WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE?

The Bars class is where you learn the body process that started it all. It’s a full day of gifting and receiving the magic of the Bars running. After you have completed one bars class you are qualified to be a practitioner and you are invited to the bi-monthly trades in Tacoma at the Crystal Spirit Spiritual Center.

THE Foundation is a 4 day immersion that saturates your awareness with new tools and knowledge that allows you to unlock and release everything that stops you from creating the life you know you came here to create!  It really helps you remember what you already know that you might be hiding from the world and yourself.

Private sessions with me are all very different. Depending on what you require for healing. Utilizing 35 years of experience and healing modalities I perceive where there is space to create change with you. We work together to alter the patterns that keep you stuck.  It can be rocket ship to a totally new reality if you let it!

Give me a call, let’s chat about what you is possible for you that you are ready to have now.






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What would your life BE like if you were willing to be the invitation that changes the world? I called this video "The Invitation"because it was the first time I was willing to invite the world to see me. I had been hiding who I was because I thought I was wrong. Not that I had done anything wrong, I just thought that me Being ME was wrong. Using the tools of Access Consciousness freed me from all the lies and judgments I had been using to limit myself. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes I am emerging and creating a different version of me that I always knew was possible. What invitation would you like to be? Is now the time to BE YOU?