Beyond The Stigma of Abuse Audio Book

Have you ever had the following thoughts:

There's no hope for me or my life...

I'll never be happy or successful...

I'll never be able to fully put this behind me...

What if you could thrive beyond your wildest dreams? What if you didn't have to have the stigma of being a "victim" even though you have been abused?


Radically Alive Beyond Abuse Audio Book

Would you like to know how to transition from abuse and trauma into radical aliveness?

This book by #1 international bestseller Dr. Lisa Cooney will allow you to not only overcome an abusive past, but also propel you beyond anything that has stopped you from full out living thus far. You will get a glimpse into the change that can actually help you move through your limitations and into creation, possibility and hope..


Talk To The Animals Audio Book

"Whenever there's a problem, you should always ask the animal what's happening. They always know what's best for them and they can tell you what's going on--if you ask them."

Talk To The Animals authors Gary M. Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer will show you how you can start to truly receive the gifts that animals can be for you, and that you can be for every animal.


Listen To A Sample:

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