Access 3 Day Body Class

The Access Hands-On Body Processes are a unique set of energies that contribute to returning your body back to its natural state of self-healing. They are a contribution not only to the person who is receiving the process but also to the person performing the process. When these processes are being run they create an energy that can permeate a room. Now imagine a room with multiple pairs of people performing various Access Hands-On Body Processes at the same time and for 3 days? Welcome to the Access 3-Day Body Class.

You have to have consciousness with your body or it doesn’t change it totally. Without consciousness you will buy physically into the limitations that other people call reality.

Gary Douglas

In this class you will receive a manual with over 55 of the Access Hands-On Body Processes and spend 3 days giving and receiving these processes. In this distinctive class environment, you and your body are able to receive not just the processes run by you and your partner but also those being run elsewhere in the room.

The Access 3 Day Body Class is facilitated by an exceptional range of gifted and knowledgeable people. During class they share insights about bodies and the processes. They also use the Access Consciousness Verbal Clearings with whatever is occurring in class and to assist the changes possible with the processes. Each class and each Facilitator’s insights are unique. People have said they have attended multiple classes and received something new each time. Attending a 3 Day Body Class people have reported that they have; stepped out of judgment of them and their bodies, lessened pain, changed body size, changed their lives and laughed more.

One of your body’s greatest talents is its ability to receive. What if it could be one of your greatest talents too?