What’s required to become an Access Bars® practitioner?



full day Access Bars class with a certified Access Bars Facilitator! 


As a practitioner you can:

Offer Access Bars sessions to clients, family, and friends.

Host Access Bars Gifting & Receiving Events where people come and trade sessions.

What else is possible?

Appear in the global practitioners listings both on the Access Bars site as well as the main Access Consciousness website! On your profile page, you can include your contact details, your photo, a video, event schedule and your personal message.

Purchase premade flyers, brochures, business cards and expo banners with your name on them! Choose a complete package or individual items. Receive personalized files to print on demand.

Recieve materials to help you get the word out and join our Business Create telecalls online to ask Access Consciousness staff your questions about Access Bars and business.


Please contact the Access Bars creation team with any questions or concerns you may have. Happy Creating!