Venus Castleberg

Venus Castleberg

When I first found Access Consciousness I had studied a lot of different modalities, dated a lot of different men, lived in a lot of different places.  All in an effort to find the person, place of thing that would fix me.  The tools of Access Consciousness did not fix me, they helped me see I was never broken to begin with.  

Access Consciousness has some easy pragmatic tools, like the Access Bars, to reduce stress, be happy with who you are, and find more enjoyment in your life.

If life was not a problem to be solved, what would the possibilities be?


Venus Castleberg has always been an explorer of possibilities. Working on a cruise ship in her 20’s, traveling alone through many countries including living on her own as a single white woman in Africa, are a few examples of the adventure seeker that she is. 

Never one to follow the status quo, Venus has explored various fields and modalities including massage, yoga, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, Shamanism, tarot, intuitive body work and currently is a licensed Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Being You Changing The World® Certified Facilitator, Access X-Men Facilitator, Access Bars Facilitator and Practitioner, Access Body Process Practitioner, and Symphony Advanced Practitioner. 

Published Author. Nature Fairy. Possibility Seeker, Relaxation Expert. From books to podcasts to private sessions, classes and more, Venus invites her clients to live and create their lives as a wonderland of possibilities.   If life was not a problem to be solved, what would the possibilities be? 


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Welcome To Something Different

“Life means danger, life means risk. Life means going always from the known to the unknown, from one peak to another peak, always climbing peaks which have not been climbed before, always moving into the uncharted sea with no maps, with no guidelines. Only then you live ecstatically, and only then you know what life is.... "It is sweet to live arduously, and to master yourself"”

- Buddha