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All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory!®

What would it take to create a life of peace, joy and possibility?  What I have discovered is that Access Consciousness is a pragmatic set of tools and information to create this as a reality.  I am grateful to be a certified facilitator!

Do you have questions? Would you like to come for a class or session?


I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator (CF), Talk to the Entities® Facilitator, voice over artist, writer, creative consultant.  I offer classes, bars and body process sessions in the Washington, D.C. metro area and distance sessions and classes on Zoom.  


Contact me via email, phone or Whatsapp with questions or to book a session.

heathermmacmillan@gmail.com or text 240.888.2846/Whatsapp


I offer Access Bars, Body Processes (Regular & Advanced), Abuse Hold, Access Energetic Facelift only in person.  

I also offer private sessions on Zoom.

Would you like more information? Please contact me.


Please see my current schedule below for live and online classes.  Are you looking for something in your area? Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.


I share tools, videos and other resources in my newsletter and on my facebook page, would you like to check it out?

I also have a library of sound clips from classes, blogs and resources on Soundcloud

My most favorite book I recommend in almost every class is here.


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Thank you so much for the amazing 'How to Be Money' class. It totally rocked my world, zapped my brain and shifted many points of view!I'm very grateful for your dynamic facilitation and the gift this class is to me.You're a true Clearing Wiz and a Magician. 😊 A few hours before the class, I had a job interview. The next day, I received a call and was asked to come back. The following day I was presented with a job offer! Thank you for the magic and your amazing contribution!!! Million hugs with gratitude!"GP, USA

"Heather you made miracles with me!   I am so freaking wonderfully happy.  What a gift our 4 days were!"MW, USA

"This past weekend was awesome!  Your ability to do clearings is absolutely incredible."R.J., USA

"THANK YOU for the AMAZING clearing event yesterday. You are an extremely talented and gifted Access Consciousness facilitator- yesterday was so informative and fun for me. I felt amazing today.  I just loved being in your energy, loved your big smile and laughing with you.  A. F. USA

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All of life comes to us with ease and joy and glory!

“You as a being have total power to create your life and you can and you will and it will come together in more magnificent ways than you can imagine possible”

- Gary M. Douglas