Julie Tuton

Julie Tuton

Julie Tuton

Welcome!  Thank you for having the courage to explore this site.  I found Access in 2003 when I was "living the dream" and realized it was not my dream, but one that I thought was supposed to be "right."  Learning these tools, applying them to every aspect of my life, has allowed me to build trust in my awareness.  Following your awareness brings expansion, creativity, adventure, joy and ease. Things show up like magic!  

Whether you are facing difficult transitions (breakup or divorce), or desiring a contributory relationship, have health or body issues, or money/business problems, or just would like something different and don't know how to start, call me...  these tools allow you to access the energy that lies beneath any issue and change it.

These techniques are so effective, that even in one session you can have a dramatic result! I have an amazing ability to work with people to inspire and facilitate ease in creating a truly joyful life! Are you ready?!

Please call or email for details on private sessions (online or in person), hands-on body work, or Access classes. I also enjoy traveling and am happy to come to your group as a guest speaker.

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