A Worldwide Movement

Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer are the co-creators of Access Consciousness, yet it is far from a structure held in place by two people.

Facilitators and Participants are the Co-Creators

Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer are the co-creators of Access Consciousness, yet it is far from a structure held in place by two people. The forward motion and expansion of Access comes from the questions and participation of people like you – class by class around the world.

Questions empower you to see what is true for you. There is no right or wrong answer; no stupid questions. When you ask a question, it propels you and the world around you into the possibilities and greatness you came here to be. What question could you ask that would set you, and the world, free?

When you choose to change or choose something greater, the world is invited to that change and choice. It's how you, being you, can truly change the world. 

People come to classes from every race, religion, color, and background and because it works it is now in more than 170 countries, with over 3,000 trained facilitators worldwide. Tens of thousands of people who experiment and play with the tools of Access Consciousness through booksradio shows, videos or classes find that Access is about embracing your curiosity, your difference and by becoming everything you are by letting go of needless suffering and trauma. 

Empowering each person to know what they know

Access Consciousness does not have a structure or dogma or set of beliefs that you must accept or fit yourself into, or accept as truth. No boundaries or limits are put on you.

Access is about empowering each person to know what they know. Not in a context or set structure, but as an infinite being who is capable of knowing everything. It is about facilitating you to be your own expert, rather than rely on someone else's "truths". You have a knowing and awareness that go beyond what you've acknowledged. What if you, and only you, know exactly what will work for you?

Create a different future

What if it is the joy of the possibilities of our diversity that will create a different future for everyone? Listen to Gary Douglas and Access facilitators from around the world on the radio show Conversations in Conciousness featured on the World Puja Network.

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You are the one creating you

Access puts emphasis on effective tools and techniques. These are not given with any specific expectations of what one is supposed to achieve by using them.

There is just the awareness that the tools will assist people in clearing away what has been limiting them. Each person is encouraged to use the ones that work for them best, and to create the targets that resonate with what they would like to achieve.

Access is a worldwide movement you cannot join. It's about you creating you – not finding you. What if you can be, do and choose to be anything?