Will you allow the earth to nurture you through its contribution?


Will you nurture the earth with your willingness to receive the magic it offers you every single day?


Nature - The Source of Being

There is literally a space and a place in which we are innately an integral part of the balance of nature. And we are the one species on the planet that out-of-balances everything. We need to have that willingness to be part of the balance of nature instead of trying to create ourselves as separate from it.

Nature is one of the greatest sources of wonder, spectacle, energy and magic that we refuse to receive. Most of us are unwilling to see how much The Earth has our backs. This tele call will invite you to a greater connection to The Earth and how you can take advantage of the earth cycles and energies to create greater possibilities in your life and living.


Global Energetic Synthesis of Communion

It’s a thrum, a space, where you’re connected with everything... in a different way. Where you don’t have to judge, you don’t have to make you or anyone else wrong, and you don’t have to separate from anyone or anything anymore.

It’s communion – and it’s the space of being that you are.

Available in Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, and Spanish.

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Energetic Synthesis Of Communion

This ESC was recorded live in Charleston, SC, USA in March 2019. Beautifully spacious and peaceful especially for this time of year!

Available in English and translated to Japanese (日本語), Mandarin (普通话), Portuguese (Português), and Spanish (Español)!


Ask: Earth, I am so grateful to you. What contribution can I gift to you and what contribution can I receive from you that I never thought possible?

Dr. Dain Heer

I think one of the biggest misunderstanding in this world may be that we need more contribution.

It creates this constant search for someone to gift to us. What if what we truly lack is someone--or something--to gift to, that actually receives?

Receiving and gifting is a simultaneous process… It actually cannot occur in isolation. Hence, by eternally looking for someone or something to gift to you, you’re continuously refusing exactly what you’re asking for...

The Earth Class

What if you are the difference this planet is asking for? What if what the earth requires of us is to finally let go of all limitations and instead embrace the magic, joy and possibilities we truly be?

You’re invited to join Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer for this special 3-day event online replay of the “Earth Class”, recorded in Houston, TX, USA. Also available in Polish (Polski)! 


The Place

What you have been seeking that you always knew was possible?

Also available in Italian and Turkish!