Beyond Meditation (Access Total Presence)

What if you could have instantaneous access to the total freedom and creativeness of your Presence… And Future?

You know when everything becomes clear, spacious and powerful; when you have more presence than ever before, and when you acknowledge being connected with everything and everyone; no more judgment, separation or lack?

What if there were no more bridge to cross, no necessary condition to deal with, for you to display your capacity to change and transform everything you desire to?

And imagine that no one could manipulate you into the throes of relational abuse, mental confusion or emotional traps, not even yourself... What would you Choose? What would you Create? 

For the imposture of mind totally disappears in Presence… Is now the time to dethrone what keeps you out of true Ease, Joy and Glory?

What if you could release instantaneously the obstacles you believe there are in between you and the living that you dream about?

What if you could truly create this living, now and in the future, beyond any condition, need or necessity, and even receive right away from it?

Before discovering Access Consciousness® tools, Ivan Martin had been practicing meditation for +30 years, amongst which 7 years practicing in retreat as a monk and studying with some of the most authentic Tibetan masters.

Since 2017, this class is an approach and an acknowledgment of your capacity to Access Total Presence without any meditation modality, with and thanks to Access Consciousness® tools.

The target is for you to create a daily living endowed right away with what you know truly possible.

It is set up as a direct, most easy and genuine access to the main tools, questions and insights of Access Consciousness®.

It is designed to allow you to unleash those tools and insights into you; being Present and Creative, just as you Be. Amongst other treasures, you will enjoy and deploy - The 10 Keys to Total Freedom;  The 5 Elements of Intimacy  (Gratitude, Allowance, Honor, Trust, Vulnerability); The 5 Elements of Being Money (Power, Awareness, Control, Creativity, Money), and much more…

Are you curious enough to Access Total Presence?




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