More Ease with Languages and Communication


Did you ever wish you could speak another language with ease?
Oh, maybe you even wish you could speak your own language with ease?
In any circumstance? Whatever the language?
Whoever or whatever your interlocutor?

Did you know that when you are born, you can ‘learn’ any number of languages with ease? If you were immersed in 60 different languages that would not be confusing for you, because as an infinite being you are the language of energy. Well, it gets a little bit messed up afterwards… Parents, schools, teachers, cultures, nations, history … and so many weird points of view…

Speaking, writing, understanding, translating, whatever you could do with languages can be tremendously fun. If it’s not fun for you now, would you like it to be? How much more would you create in your life, in your business, in the world, if you reclaimed your capacities with languages and transliteration?

More ease with languages and communication explores all the ‘stuff’ that sticks you in regard with languages and communication.

I chose to come to a family living in Belgium, a country with 3 official languages and 2 extra languages in my family, and I learned 3 ancient languages on top, and some more… Guess what? I studied languages. ;-) All this lifetime (and probably many others), I’ve been playing with words, sounds, accents, puns, writing, poetry, storytelling, theatre, translations and more … and it is so much fun and fascinating how languages live and die, dance and sing with one another! As an Access Certified Facilitator, I now facilitate hundreds of people to expand their own abilities with languages.

But the first language is definitely ENERGY! So, is now the time to uncover your capacities with the language of energy and go way beyond words?

Come and play with us!

2 day class: 

Want to dig deeper? In a 2 day class, we have the possibility to dig deeper into everything you have been using not to use your languages at full capacity!


The Intro to More Ease with Languages and Communication or The 4 week Telecall Program


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