Become An Access Bars Facilitator

Access Bars Facilitators (BFs) Are Certified To:

Being an Access Bars Facilitator is one of the most valuable aspects of Access Consciousness. Access Bars is one of the most life changing processes Access has to offer and is the foundation of all of Access Consciousness.

  • Teach the Access Bars Class 
  • Offer private sessions as a practitioner 
  • Host Access Bars swaps 
  • Facilitate intro talks on The Bars®


Prerequisite Classes

Before submitting your application to become an Access Bars Facilitator you must have completed 3 full-day Access Bars Classes with 3 different Access Bars (BF) or Certified (CF) Facilitators. * Note: Only 1 online Access Bars class can count towards the 3 required classes.

If you have previously been an Access Certified Facilitator in the last 4 years, you qualify and can apply immediately.

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The Application Process In 3 Easy Steps:

After you have completed 3 full-day Access Bars Classes with 3 different Access Bars (BF) or Certified (CF) Facilitators:
1. Pay a $200 USD application fee. (Renewals $200 USD, Children $70 USD.)
2. Complete the provided online application form.
3. Complete and return the Bars Facilitator Contract
After you have completed these 3 steps a bars facilitator welcome packet will ship to you and you will receive a welcome email with lots of great information and resources!


Your Access Bars Facilitator Welcome Packet contains:

– Thank you letter from Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness
– Access Bars® Facilitator Certificate
– Welcome letter from The Bars® Dazzle
– Signed contract
– 'Access the Bars' DVD by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer

* Note 1: Digital welcome packets are not available at this time.


Ongoing Assistance

After you become an Access Bars Facilitator, you will have access to regularly held Access Bars Facilitator tele calls where you can ask questions by phone, by Skype or by email. In addition, staff is available by email and over the phone.

For details and for other important information we have a dedicated resource site for Access Bars Facilitators on Ning. You'll receive your login details in an email after you get your first Access Bars Welcome Packet in the mail!

Visit the Access Bars Faciiltators Ning

Have Your Own Profile Page

Appear in the listings both on the Access Bars site as well as the main Access Consciousness website.

You can choose to be listed as Bars Practitioner (BP) or as a Bars Facilitator (BF). Both types include your contact details, photograph and personalized message. The BF profile page also includes the ability to schedule classes which appear in the official Classes & Events Calendar.


Annual Renewal Requirements

In the next 12 months from the date of your certification, and each subsequent year thereafter, you are required to pay an annual renewal fee as well as take certain prerequisite classes to maintain your license.

( If you become an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator before your Access Bars Facilitator renewal date, you will not be required to renew your Access Bars Facilitator certification.)