Aurora Walks Gently

Aurora Walks Gently

Aurora Walks Gently

Thank you for viewing my profile!  A note for U.S. Massage Therapists and Body workers: I am approved to offer NCBTMB CEUs for Access Bars classes.

How awesome are you to be choosing MORE?

I've been a Bars Facilitator since May 2016. I've been committed to well-being since about 1990.  Enough so, in fact, that I returned to university in 2012 to facilitate sharing what I had learned with more people, especially youth.  My Master's thesis, A Holistic Well-Being Curriculum: Guiding Students Toward Success and a Sustainable World is an experiential exploration of what works for us as individuals...I lovingly call it "owner's manual 101."  And then I was introduced to Access Consciousness...

The best way I can describe the impact of the Bars, and the other tools of Access Consciousness, is that it has enabled me to be more available to me.  I'm more present and potent in my life.  I'm clearer in what I desire and more committed to achieving it...I'm also more willing and able to receive it!  Best of all, I'm having more fun and letting my natural exuberance flow. 

How does it get any better than that?


What does this mean for you?  I can create and hold an even gentler, safer space than what I developed through my previous years facilitating healing, sweat lodge and other ceremonies.  I am willing to channel information and energy from the earth and other beings and it comes through with greater clarity and ease.  I've been a Reiki Master since 1998 and the energy I'm channeling now is far beyond before receiving the Bars, as is my capacity to clear blocks and other energies interfering with your potency.

One of my favorite services, in addition to facilitating classes, clearing and private sessions, is what I call co-creative consults -- guiding people to embrace their own capacity with the earth through a combination of Bars and clearing sessions, tutoring in co-creative process, channeling the spirits of the land and their business, and honoring and clearing entities from the land.

Just to give you a greater sense of what capacities you might draw from, here are some of the trainings I've pursued:

  • Permaculture Design Course (2013)
  • Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (2008–2009)
    • Basic Advocacy: Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence; Primary Prevention Conference
  • Touch for Health®, I-IV (March 2004)
  • Brain Gym®/Edu-K In-Depth (March 2003)
  • Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Level 2 (June 1998)
  • Reiki Master Certification (April 1998)
  • International Institute for Bau-biologie & Ecology Clearwater, FL
    • Electrobiology and Ecology (September 1995)
    • Indoor Air, Water, and Materials (July 1995)
  • Shelter Institute, Bath, ME
    • Building & Design (3 week intensive, October 1994)

My service work includes:

  • Virginia Master Gardener since 2015
  • Bear Tribe and Panther Lodge traditions
    • Sweat lodge facilitator since 2007
    • ceremonial pipe carrier since 2005
  • Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance Board of Directors, Survivor Caucus
  • Boxerwood Gardens – Teacher/guide elementary environmental education programs
  • AGAPE – Center for Soul, Community & the Arts – management council, event host, etc.

I am a farmer at heart...deeply connected to the earth, plants, and animals and willing and able to tackle pretty much whatever needs to be done.  I've worked as a programmer and systems analyst, office manager, market research interviewer, handy person, and gardener; in the defense industry, as well as environmental, social services, and holistic health organizations.

All of this, and more I offer to assist you in creating your own life of joy, ease, and glory.  What can we create together?  How much more fun, prosperity and possibilities can you experience in your life?

Do you desire to find out?

Email me and/or check out my website.  We can meet by phone, skype, or in person and co-create the private or group session, or class, that will clear the way for whatever you desire to choose.

Gratitude and Blessings,


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- Dain Heer - Global Foundations, April 2017