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Welcome to a world of InJoy Playing! I am your playground hostess and I would love to show you how to start playing againg in this reality, with the joy and the ease.

I am a student of lifelong learning and exploration with over 15 years as a professional in personal development, I am a possibilities coach and transformational mentor. 3 times #1 Bestseller Author .Through the gifts of Access Consciousness® I have come to discover that magic is all around us and that all of life truly does come to us with ease, joy and glory!

What else is possible for you now that you never even imagined before?

I have worked with hundreds of individuals over the course of my career, providing coaching and development guide. These days, I am traveling around the world attending and facilitating Access Consciousness® classes.

I’m thrilled to be sharing these gifts through individual phone/Skype consultations, webinars and private sessions at my office in Bozeman, MT. I teach classes in Bars, Foundations and some others specialty clases.


To our work together, I bring a warm, nonjudgmental, authentic, and pragmatic attitude.I see myself as a catalyst for change and know that everyone has the answers inside themselves. It's my job to empower you find them. I can facilitate you to a new way of living, using powerful Access tools and body process we are often able to make amazing changes in a brief period of time,
I always enjoy working with people who are interested in transforming and creating something greater!!.

I facilitate classes and give private sissions vis Skype or Zoom  to walk with you into the awareness of whats is holding you back of creating the life you desire with relationships, money and joy with your body.

Do you want to know more? Wondering if our working together would be a good fit? I offer a free 20 minutes exploring consultation by phone, Skype or in person to answer any questions or concerns you might have and see what contribution I can be for you.

Thanks for reading...and whatever path you choose, may you find all that you are seeking with ease, joy and glory!


Soy un estudiante permanente y la exploradora de vida, con más de 15 años como profesional en el desarrollo personal utilizando diferentes modalidades holísticas convencionales y alternativas.

Soy Coach de Posibilidades y Mentor de Transformación especializada en relaciones. Como Facilitadora Certificada de Access Consciousness® y Right Relationship For You® utilizo sus herramientas para guiarte a cambiar lo que no esta funcionado en tu vida, desde un espacio consciente. He llegado a descubrir que hay magia es todo lo que nos rodea y que tenemos el poder de cambiar y transformar todo en nuestra vida, ¡si TODO!

¿Qué es posible para ti ahora que ni siquiera has imaginado antes?

He trabajado con cientos de personas a lo largo de mi carrera, proporcionando entrenamiento y herramientas de desarrollo personal.
En estos días, estoy viajando por el mundo asistiendo y facilitando clases de Access Consciousness® y la Relación Correcta Para Ti ( Right Relationship For You®)

En nuestro trabajo juntos, aporto un ambiente cálido, abierto, sin juicios, con actitud auténtica y pragmática. Me veo a mí misma como una catalizadora de cambio y se que todos tienen las respuestas dentro de sí mismos. Es mi trabajo empoderarte para que las encuentras. Te puedo facilitar a una nueva forma de vida, el uso de potentes herramientas y procesos corporales que a menudo son capaces de hacer cambios increíbles en un breve período de tiempo,

¿Quieres saber mas o te preguntas si trabajar juntos seria una buena idea? Ofrezco una sesión inicial de 30 minutos gratis , por teléfono, Skype o en persona en mi oficina de Bozeman, MT o en lugares en donde me encuentro de viaje. para responder cualquier pregunta o ver qué contribución puedo ser para ti.

Visita mi pagina www.yuryraguzman.com o encuéntrame en Facebook: Yuryra Guzman- InJoy Living.

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I will host a POP of this amazing class in Bozeman, Montana. Join me!!

““If you could see how amazing you are as a being, as a person, and as a contribution in life, then you would have no excuse for being unhappy.””

- Gary Douglas


My Classes

The Foundation

This class undoes the foundation of limitation you’ve been thinking you have to live from as though you have no other choice! It’s facilitated by certified Access Consciousness facilitators all over the world and is a 4-day intense exploration of what else is possible. The class creates awareness of the foundation of awareness that you haven’t been using yet in your life!

Access Bars Class

Access Bars® are the very core and foundation of Access Consciousness. It can be the starting point of a great adventure and it can be something you add to your life that will assist you in creating greater ease with everything. The Bars are 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. Touch one Bar and you begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life just by touching it.