About Right Voice for You

Right Voice for You is a special program in Access Consciousness inviting you to become your voice in the world. In classes facilitated worldwide, you’re given dynamic tools for showing up as who you truly are and the phenomenal facilitators will guide you past anything that doesn’t allow you to be seen and heard in the world.

The beauty of these tools is you don't have to know what's keeping you stuck. You don't have to know why things aren't working; you just have to be willing to consider a different possibility.

These workshops help unlock all the things that keep you from fully expressing yourself in speaking, writing, communicating, or singing in your own unique voice; this is as useful on stage as it is when dealing with that annoying work colleague or difficult family member.

When you have the right voice for you, you are irresistible.

"Right Voice For You is about becoming your voice in the world.”

Gary Douglas

Would you like to play bigger?

To get your ideas into the world?

To claim your voice?

To be more present & vulnerable with others?

​To have confidence and ease on a stage, in a boardroom, or even in family conversation?

Exploring and then unraveling all the areas in which you are keeping yourself small or holding back, these classes invite you out of your stories and into creating your magnificent life.

Is now the time?

Curious about where all of this came from? Find out more about the Founder of Access Consciousness!

Facilitators from around the world host a variety of workshops that invite you to experience the magic Right Voice For You has to offer.

Facilitators are well-versed in the tools of Right Voice and bring their own unique capacities to every workshop and class.