Clearing Nights – 5 Topics, 5 Zooms

Clear Your Limitations on the Road to Creating Your Access Business 

1. Money Myths with Simone Milasas

Have you ever used the excuse ‘I don’t have the money’, to stop yourself from creating? What if YOU are the source of creation, not money? Join us for this Clearing Night with Simone Milasas and find out what actually may be true for you around creation, money, and finances!


2. Pathetic or Potent? with Brendon Watt

What have you been hiding and holding behind you so dynamically that if you didn’t would make you aware of a level of power, potency, presence, and capacities that you’re not sure you could handle? You can choose pathetic or choose to unleash your potency – which one would contribute to you and your creations? You’re invited to a Clearing Night with Brendon Watt to STOP IT and change this sh*t!


3. Ready to Show Up & Be Seen? with Susanna Mittermaier and Sylvia Puentes

Ready to let go of your past stories and definitions of yourself and to show up in your life in a dynamic, present, and powerful new way? Join Sylvia Puentes and Susanna Mittermaier, Right Voice for You facilitators, in this Clearing Night around being seen and having your voice in the world and your business!

4. How Different Are You Willing to Be? with Dain Heer

Being you and being willing to be different and stand out from the crowd can be a key to exponentializing your business. Join Dr. Dain Heer on this call to clear the way to the difference you BE! 

5. The Big ‘R’ – RECEIVING with Shannon O’Hara

What is it you ultimately desire to create? Are you willing to receive from everywhere, everyone, and Access Consciousness? Are you willing to receive judgment? Join Shannon O’Hara for this Clearing Night around the one topic that brings it all home – receiving!


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